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9 Thing To Do In 9 Months of Pregnancy

By May 24, 2017 Mothering

9 Things To Do In 9 Months of Pregnancy

A woman becomes pregnant for the first time she thinks “Shit, what should I do?” This is an easy to-do list of things that should happen to start from conception until child birth. These are 9 things To Do In 9 Months.

Month 1: Spend More Time With Your Partner. The fetus is growing inside you, it becomes more important to work on the relationship of the person that help you create the baby. Energy levels are sure to drop; find activities that you both enjoy and do not take a lot of energy.

Month 2: Sleep! No one told me it is exhausting to create a human. New-mommies expect to have months until exhaustion hits or morning sickness similar to what is shown on TV. Do not feel guilty about the dishes piling up or other people that lack sympathy for your condition.

Month 3: Find Adequate Child Care. This is huge! Many great day care facilities have wait lists. If you do not plan on going back to work; find out who you can depend on for a baby-sitter.

Month 4: Brush Your Teeth. This one sounds crazy. Bleeding gums is common to experience in pregnancy. I thought instead of a stork, I would see a tooth fairy. The hormones that are filling your system make tooth loss possible. However much you already brush your teeth; double that!

Month 5: Buy Maternity Clothes. Life will feel so much better. These are clothes you can plan on wearing for awhile after giving birth. Still wearing my maternity jeans, two months after the fact. Invest in yourself.

Month 6: Go on a Baby-moon. It the perfect time to do something special with your partner. Morning sickness has become a thing of the past. Energy levels will not fully return until after giving birth. Give yourself plenty of breaks in the trip. For me, New York City was a great choice. You can find a post on this website called “Cheap Ways To Travel: Baby-Moon In New York City

Month 7: Do Kegals. Exercise is always good to do through out pregnancy. Doing kegals will strengthen the pelvis floor. Kegal exercises will prevent According to Heidi Murkoff from What To Expect: One year

“Urinary incontinence, promotes healing, prevent or treat urinary and fecal incontinence, and ease hemorrhoids.”

Great thing about doing kegals is that they can be done anywhere without anyone noticing. It also makes sexy time with your partner better 🙂

Month 8: Start A Blog. After having a baby that forth trimester can be a lonely one. No one (expect grandparents) will care about the color of your child’s poop. Blogging is a lovely way to document the experience and keep those who wanted to be in “the know” updated. See the posts “Top 5 Free Programs To Help You Make Money” Your purpose does not have to making money, this post just gives a place to start in creating a blog.

Month 9: Pregnancy Belly Caste: This was one of the highlights of being pregnant. This one was done two days before giving birth. I was big and beautiful. It is rather inexpensive to do and it is an activity to be done with your partner. Be sure to be in a place that creative messes are allowed 🙂

Keep everything simple with pregnancy, I did not add the common sense things to the list. Those are things that seem quite obvious. Be sure to enjoy this time of life; it goes by fast. This is a list to start your 9 things to do in 9 months of pregnancy.


Murkoff, Heidi, and Sharon Mazel. What to expect the first year. Sydney, N.S.W.: HarperCollins Publishers, 2015. Print.

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Tips For Meditation During Pregnancy

By February 23, 2017 Home, Mothering

Pregnancy can be a joyful time. It can also cause stress and fear of what is to come. Lamaze classes focus on the breath for a good reason, it gives life, replenishes the body and calms the nervous system. Quick mindful meditations can reduce stress and help relax the body for the big day. Here are some insider tips I like to offer people on meditation.

Guided Meditations

If meditation is not something you have tried before, guided meditations are a great place to start. When beginning a meditating practice, five minutes can feel like an eternity. Guided video and audio will put into context a fix set of time to put into mediation. These guidelines allow a person to know intellectually that it is “only five minutes” even when it feels like longer. Anything that is soothing will help clear the mind. One can find free guided meditations on Youtube. I personally, fell in love with “The Honest Guys”. It is a group of people who are unaffiliated with any spiritual practice that put out really great guided meditation videos one can find on youtube and there website for more details.

Essential Oil

Be careful of the essential oils used during pregnancy. Some favorite herbs/plants can be harmful while pregnant. As a rule of thumb, while pregnant stick to floral scents that will help calm nerves and under most circumstances will not be harmful. Roman Chamomile, Geranium and lemon are typically pretty safe in pregnancy. They can also be used to cure morning sickness. This picture is me at work, using Roman Chamomile to get over the dreaded morning sickness; that would usually attack in the afternoon.  Essential oils are powerful, be sure to use with a carrier oil (for example, Sunflower oil). A couple drops of essential oil mixed with a carrier oil is that is really needed to create a comforting scent to calm nerves. This can used for massage, inhaled or put in warm baths to unleash the healing powers. Be sure you bring a tinkerer with you to the hospital on the big day as a small comfort from home.

Set the Mood

Create a calm environment to relax the mind. Take five minutes to do any preparation to make your space sacred. Make the bed, light a candle or open the windows. Whatever makes you feel good about the space. Do not get caught up with details. If the house is a mess, it does not have to clean it spotless before meditating.

Transition From Getting Here To Being Here

Take a deep breath from the belly and release negative energy from the day. It is time to allow the breath to massage the heart and oxygen from the air to enter into your bloodstream. As you release CO2 and negative energy, feel the relaxation that along with it. Use the light in room to positively charge your body. Feel the wavelengths of light enter into your cells. Light attracts light.

Practice Gratitude

Bring thankfulness to yourself and others. Be aware of the family in your life. Thank them for being here to share space with. Appreciate the contributions your body is making to the life cycle. As you start to feel the stress of giving birth come over you, do not view it in a negative manner. Stress is not a bad, it is your mind and body preparing you for the experience. You came into this world as a student, just like your baby. Now, it is your turn to the guru. Trust your body.

Giving birth maybe one of the most painful experiences a woman will ever go though and will test her pain threshold like nothing else will. It hard to tell how a person will react until the time comes because pain changes the thought process. A woman can only do her best to mentally prepare herself with mediation.


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