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9 Ways To Save Money In 9 Months of Pregnancy

By May 31, 2017 Money, Mothering, Uncategorized


Most first-timer parents believes they cannot afford a child. One of the earliest stresses to having a baby is having the money. There is no perfect time to have a baby. Here are some simple tricks that can be implementing; nine

Month 1: Disability Insurance: This only will work when the child is planned. Many disability insurance plans include pregnancy. The policy must be in place for at least one year. Be sure to shop around for a disability insurance plan that could give you money for expenses.

Month 2: Home Cooked Meals: Being without child gives a couple more discretionary income than after a child is born. The sooner couples starts bringing lunch; the more money that is saved. It will also mean that mommy-to-be is eating a more healthy diet.

Month 3: Coupons: Any mommy on a budget knows that coupons and sales are the only way to go. Only use coupons that are 30% or more off for a truly good deal. 

Month 4: Try Out Items Before Purchasing: Big ticket item (anything over $100) need to be tried first. To check for yourself the piece is worth investing in and to receive an honest review from another person. Also, be aware of the return policy on any baby things that are purchased.

Month 5: Avoid Baby Clothes, Toys and Babies “R” US: This is a hard one for new parents. DO NOT GO INTO BABY “R” US! I REPEAT “DO NOT GO INTO BABY “R” US”! It can be very hard to resist, your wallet will thank you later. If it is hard to resist clothing than purchase at second hand stores. Chances are the baby that wore the outfit only wore it twice. The stuff in this picture was given to me.

Month 6: Shop Online: Online shopping is perfect for big ticket items, a person can wait until the items go on sale and watch for the price to fall with many retailers. On-line shopping also decrease the chance on impulse buying that happens in stores.

Month 7: Use Baby Shower Wisely: Keep all price ranges in mind. Anything that is not bought for the big day the mom can buy for a discounted price. Scan only things that will be of service later.

Month 8: Receive Items From Other Parents: Many parents will be happy to give away stuff that they are not using anymore. Just be sure baby gear is up-to-date with safety procedures. It is also nice to take second hand advice from friends that have already been there, done that.

Month 9: Resell Items: Buying items second hand off Craigslist or second hand stores is a great way to save money on things that may only be useful for six months. Also, reselling items you are done using them will put money back into your wallet.


It is more affordable to have babies than a couple realizes. Babies are rather inexpensive, it is as they become older they become more expensive. No one will want to buy clothes or a car for a teenager. Enjoy the help you get from friend and family 🙂


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