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9 Ways To Save Money In 9 Months of Pregnancy

By May 31, 2017 Money, Mothering, Uncategorized


Most first-timer parents believes they cannot afford a child. One of the earliest stresses to having a baby is having the money. There is no perfect time to have a baby. Here are some simple tricks that can be implementing; nine

Month 1: Disability Insurance: This only will work when the child is planned. Many disability insurance plans include pregnancy. The policy must be in place for at least one year. Be sure to shop around for a disability insurance plan that could give you money for expenses.

Month 2: Home Cooked Meals: Being without child gives a couple more discretionary income than after a child is born. The sooner couples starts bringing lunch; the more money that is saved. It will also mean that mommy-to-be is eating a more healthy diet.

Month 3: Coupons: Any mommy on a budget knows that coupons and sales are the only way to go. Only use coupons that are 30% or more off for a truly good deal. 

Month 4: Try Out Items Before Purchasing: Big ticket item (anything over $100) need to be tried first. To check for yourself the piece is worth investing in and to receive an honest review from another person. Also, be aware of the return policy on any baby things that are purchased.

Month 5: Avoid Baby Clothes, Toys and Babies “R” US: This is a hard one for new parents. DO NOT GO INTO BABY “R” US! I REPEAT “DO NOT GO INTO BABY “R” US”! It can be very hard to resist, your wallet will thank you later. If it is hard to resist clothing than purchase at second hand stores. Chances are the baby that wore the outfit only wore it twice. The stuff in this picture was given to me.

Month 6: Shop Online: Online shopping is perfect for big ticket items, a person can wait until the items go on sale and watch for the price to fall with many retailers. On-line shopping also decrease the chance on impulse buying that happens in stores.

Month 7: Use Baby Shower Wisely: Keep all price ranges in mind. Anything that is not bought for the big day the mom can buy for a discounted price. Scan only things that will be of service later.

Month 8: Receive Items From Other Parents: Many parents will be happy to give away stuff that they are not using anymore. Just be sure baby gear is up-to-date with safety procedures. It is also nice to take second hand advice from friends that have already been there, done that.

Month 9: Resell Items: Buying items second hand off Craigslist or second hand stores is a great way to save money on things that may only be useful for six months. Also, reselling items you are done using them will put money back into your wallet.


It is more affordable to have babies than a couple realizes. Babies are rather inexpensive, it is as they become older they become more expensive. No one will want to buy clothes or a car for a teenager. Enjoy the help you get from friend and family 🙂


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Write On: Four Steps To Scribble A Better Blog

By May 18, 2017 Home, Money


Blogging is like writing in short-hand. It is an abbreviated story. To be honest, my writing is not the best and I try to improve on it everyday. This is my best advice. Keep trying to improve, do it because you love the art and try to live with being mediocre. Everyone can improve their writing skills with enough effort. Here are four steps to scribble a better blog.

  1. READ, READ, READ…..there is no other way to improve longhand than to constantly be reading. Switch off the TV and listen to audio tapes. If you do not enjoy reading then your writing will not improve. Period! Here is a list of some writers shaping my style.
      1. On Writing- Steven King (Quite possibly the best book on writing)
      2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck- Mark Manson (Fantastic Blogger)
      3. Postpartum Depression For Dummies- (A horrible book that is extremely repetitive, it will teach you what NOT to do)

Aside from books, constantly be reading bloggers. My attention span is short and bloggers do the job. Some of the bloggers that show up in my inbox.

      1. Darren (He also has a Facebook group to join and meet other newbie bloggers including myself 🙂
      2. Bloglovin’- This is a very large group of bloggers that will open a person to the wonderful world of blogging.
      3. I love this blog because the style is similar to mine

This is just a small list of who is influencing my style, it will change from month-to-month depending on what is being read. One thing will lead to another and that is how I get in between the sheets with books. Finding material that is inspiring is very important. One could catch me reading off my iPhone while waiting in line and bed time stories to my daughter well above her comprehension level. She is two months old and anything sounds sweet in baby talk.

  1. Edit That This is the hardest part of writing process. Since I am a blogger, my posts are typically not any longer than one thousands words. It seems like I reread those words a thousands times before pushing the button “publish” on WordPress. People who should be avoided as editors: spouses, friends and family. If you are looking for an editor I suggest paying someone. Since that is not possible on my budget I have become editor-in-chief of I read the print out loud to make sure this small world of words are perfectly aline in each paragraph. Then I use to keep my post under one thousand words and to find words that have been used repetitively to change it up. Steven King suggests a limit to three drafts and to take time away from the print. As a blogger, it usually takes me three days to write one blog. My drafting process is three (okay sometime six :). Try to write blogs in advance to give more chances to reread at a later time.
  1. Getting To The Station. Every good writer has a process. Handwriting must become a habit. Every great scribbler I know scribbles everyday. I scribble for an hour or more everyday. Most of what I write will never even make it on to a computer. Whatever comes to mind, whenever inspiration strikes take advantage. Sometimes it feels like fog at an airport. On those days, do research for posts.

My process starts with a great idea, scribbles, going to, a glass of wine, bubble charting, rewriting, edit, edit, edit, edit, edit, edit and then publish. Somewhere in the all of that I come up with something for a feature image (not one of my finer points). For this article, I looked up the word Write, according to

Write: Verb (used with object), wrote or (Archaic) writ; written or (Archaic) writ; writing.

      1. to trace or form (characters, letters, words, etc.) on the surface of some material, as with a pen, pencil, or other instrument
      2. to express or communicate in writing; give a written account of.
      3. To fill in the blank spaces of (a printed form) with writing

The bubble chart is a map and one found in the feature picture. I typically find new ideas about the subject that I have not even though of before. The glass of wine is for good measure 🙂

4. Make People Feel At Home The welcome mat should be laid out and your home should be inviting to your guests. Make them comfortable in your thoughts and help them to receive the message you would like to send.

1. Who will read this?

2. Why should someone be interested?

Keeping the work audience centered helps me think about someone who is reading my work. Personally, I want people to receive a positive message. This is what I strive for in all of my work. However, do you be surprised if your message comes off different than the tone you are trying to present. This happens often in a multicultural audience.

Your writing style should reflect who you are. It should be easy on the eyes, with a lot work behind it. Think of it as a piece of Ikea furniture. Working on it might be messy; the end result should be flawless. This is how I like to write, finding what works best for you is the key. These are four steps that can be taken to scribble a better blog. Write On, bro.


“Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging.” ProBlogger. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 May 2017.

King, Stephen. On writing: a memoir of the craft. London: Hodder, 2012. Print.

Manson, Mark. The subtle art of not giving a fu*k: a counterintuitive approach to living a good life. New York: HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2016. Print.

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Top 5 Free Programs To Help You Make Money

By April 21, 2017 Home, Money

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Top 5 Freebie Programs to Help You Make Money

Anyone interested in making money? How do you make money doing what you love? Many people have a difficult time finding the answer to this question. They find it easy to do what they love and hard to market themselves. Lacking the skills to use internet marketing tools will put any business behind competitors. Use these five freebie programs to market effectively with very little money, tech knowledge and, time.– By far the most used software on the web. According to, it powers 27% of the web and has 60 million uses. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way with this program. Use this software to manage posts, webpages and social media outlets. It shows websites effortlessly on smart phones and with thousands of templates makes it easy to launch a website. If a person can unzip a file; they can launch a website. If you cannot unzip a file, google is a great teacher.– This website gives a sixty day FREE trial without applying a credit card and will allow a person to create an ongoing e-mail list that can be use for web campaigns. Used brilliantly with WordPress; as can be shown on the sidebar area of this website is a “Constant Contact Form”. This allows people to add themselves to a mailing list while promising privacy to the consumer.

Tip for starting a new mailing list: Start by going to your personal Facebook account and directly communicating with 10% of the people on your friend list through chat messenger. Ask if you can add them to your mailing list. Try people who would have an interest in what the product is about. While one may fear rejection; it is surprising how many people will interested. Think of this as an easy lesson in sales. If someone declines or does not respond it is easier to face rejection over a computer screen. The added benefit of this process is reconnecting with friends and family. Offers FREE software that is easy to download and use. All of the blogs written for this website were done using word processor found on Apache OpenOffice. This program makes writing a breeze without spending hundreds of dollars on software. It resembles an older version of Microsoft that is user friendly. Their are also many other software products offered that tailor to individual business needs. Operating in many of languages, makes these programs easy for anyone in the world to use. By far the best FREE deal anyone can ask for. The best social media website currently. If one already has an account they can use it to market themselves to friends and family. Everyone has to start somewhere. For example, Steven King made his first dollar by selling his writing to his own mother. If one can get ten likes on a post, even if they all come from family then that is a good goal to begin social media marketing. While it made be hard to get people interested in your work keep trying. Rome was not built in a day.

Bloglovin’.com– A great way to traffic people on to your blog that are actually interested in reading blogs. Every business should have a blog. It is separate from a webpage in the fact it can be easily updated and keeps others informed of the product. All of websites mention above are very successful. They all have one thing in common: A BLOG!

This list of the best 5 free programs anyone can use for on-line marketing strategies, Keep current customers up-to-date while looking for new people who can use your service. Do not let your business suffer because you lack the knowledge of how to use these free products. They are so easy to use that I usually do work one handed and hold my baby in the other arm 🙂 Teach yourself to use these products today, to help you eat tomorrow.



Thank you for reading. If you would like to stay-up-to date on more like this you can follow me on Facebook, Bloglovin’ or Twitter by using special code word (copy/paste) “movingmotherhood”. If you like what you see please show me some love; likes and positive comments help keep me going 🙂 Also, I used Matt’s 30 Day Blog Challenge to educate myself on most of the programs mention above. If you are looking for more instruction on the programs please google him. #wishing you all the luck


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How To Make Money Blogging With No Technical Skills

By February 24, 2017 Money

This post is the beginning of a series to posts teach women: How To Make Money Blogging With No Technical Skills. There is a saying “Those who can’t…teach” Well I know NOTHING about technology and have very little money. Social media is a marketing tool that everyone uses and most people know very little about. For those of you who are reading this post, my hopes is that you are ready to take your life to the next level. That extra income generated from on-line blogging can help you achieve your dreams and create a better place to live on the world wide web.

Work From the Heart

Enjoying the process will make everyday more magical. This is much easier said than done. One may love the idea of doing something as a hobby and the meaning of the work. When it becomes a job, work has to be done and that includes times when motivation is running low. Being busy, avoiding, or making excuses will not get you much further than the next couple sentences. Turning off the TV was my first step learning how to create a blog.Take advantage of that twenty minutes of “alone time” everyday; it goes a long way. Tedious tasks is where the work is at. For me, learning how to unzip a file was a big accomplishment. Hard work will win you the prize. Start off with a subject that is truly inspiring and this give motivation on days when you seem to have less passion.


Education comes in many forms: work, school, social media, books, and personal experience. The end result is people educating each other on current cultural trends for that time period. Learning from your own mistakes costs more money and time than learning from the mistakes of others. This is why information is always changing and cultures are constantly evolving. Social Media is a great form of education: Pinterest, Facebook, Google and YouTube are free ways to look at what others are doing. When you find yourself board with a subject. Pick a new one. There is plenty to learn in the world of social media marketing. Find the best education at the lowest cost to reduce overhead and debt. One can start an on-line blogging business without having a degree and educate themselves. That being said, the formal classroom setting offers a type of face-to-face interaction that can seminars reasonably priced classes can offer. This also helps you find your identity to the subject and maybe yourself. I found guidance with Matt in The 30 Day Blog Challenge. Which I strongly recommend to anyone who is serious about starting a blog. He provided me with an easy web platform, help motivate me to take my writing serious and personally responded to questions I had.

Picking a Web Host

If you do not know what SEO stands for than this is VERY important. Free blogging websites will often place ads on your work. Which is essentially like working for free. You want to make money off your own work. This will require a web host that allows for this. Web designers could be not be hired on my budget. I will have to rely my micromanaging skills, education and web hosting company for help. has been very easy to use. This is a web design company that got me started on WordPress, a domain name, offers web design templates and instructional videos from the 30 Day Blog Challenge. The total upfront costs has been $35 for a year. WordPress is essentially the Gmail of Web Blogging. Many major companies use it. If you can teach yourself how to use this program (which is pretty easy) then you will be teaching yourself how to eat. Marketing starts here.

Brain Storming Content 

I spent months working on web posts, images, learning web design and simply experiencing life before launching this website. Quality content will keep consumers returning to your webpage. That is one great thing about blogging: DOING WHAT YOU LOVE AND SHARING IT WITH OTHERS! Get creative with it! This is the fun part. It is also where I am at in the process. Blog about a product you cannot live without, make a “Top 10 List” to give great advice about how to achieve something or simply write about your life experience. Blogs are intimate and evolving. Which makes it a valuable marketing tool. Companies are now starting to rely on professional bloggers to help advertise their products and services. Find something you love to do and share how to do it with others in less than a thousand words 🙂

Truth time, this is a completely new experience for me. At worst, this is a series on how to fail at making money with a blog. Which would make it the best resource on how to make money with on-line blogging. My goal to help myself and women like me who want to travel, stay-at-home with their kiddos or have more financial freedom. In the end, at least I know how to unzip a file now.

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Cheap Ways To Travel: Baby-Moon In New York City?

By February 23, 2017 Money, Mothering, Travel

It may seem like NYC is a city only for singles. It is also a great place for a baby moon with your partner on a budget. While New Yorkers have a reputation of being rude, I found many smiling faces while pregnant visiting this city. There are some great things to be done that will still keep up until after midnight that do not require a alcohol. Here are some ideas for cheap ways to travel to New York City while pregnant. Since the Zika virus may have killed any dreams for a tropical holiday.

Research items online. Groupon.con is a great place to find cheap one a done deals and one my favorite websites in America. Since baby-moons are often done when money starts becoming tight. (This how I found tickets to Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway for half the cost) Many people who work in tourism, work on commission and can be flexible. Do not allow people to pressure you with TIME! Be prepared to walk away if they do not honor prices found on-line or through competitors.

AirB&B is a great way to find cheaper and unique accommodation. Since the hosts will specify what their space is like; the hosts will know who will be arriving. It is a great way to avoid staying in hotels that do not create a atmosphere that makes you feel unwelcome

 Central Park (FREE) is a great way to spend quality time and saving money. It can be done anytime of year. If the weather is right, make a picnic or look for events going on depending on time of year.

Coupon Book just say “No”. Unless you plan on staying in New York for five or more days, do not make the investment. Sure this is great way to pay in advance for all the touristic things a family would like to see in a trip. The questions is “Will you use them all?” When a person is traveling pregnant plan on taking things a little slower. Be sure not to create a overloaded schedule. That extra $20 being saved on a trip to the museums could cost more if all of those coupons are not used. Most coupon books in NYC expire after ten days and cannot be used on another trip. Just pay for the things that are actually of interest.

Museum of Natural History is the perfect choice for pregnant women or moms. There are lots of children around which makes families feel comfortable; ample security and safety for people with children. Avoid eating at the museum because the cafeteria is very expensive. A pre-made meal/snacks are recommended. Since the museum is across the street from Central park eating in the park can add some magic to the experience on a nice day. A place like this could fill the whole day. Start with the exhibits that are must sees to allow for time before becoming tired.

Ask a New Yorker, Americans all have that one friend or colleague who lived in New York City. Ask that person what they recommend and what they would avoid. If one can have that person on speed dial while staying in the Big Apple that is even better.

Holiday seasons are a great time to visit. New York City during Christmas is beautiful and walking around the city just to view decorations is a thrill in itself that can keep a person up until after midnight. Try to schedule times of year that will offer a great experience with no extra cost.

 Brooklyn Bridge (FREE) is an iconic place to go that cost absolutely nothing. It is a great way to see the city and the Statue of Liberty with going on a boat. Be sure to dress according to the weather.

The most important part of vacation is spreading time with the people you love. Sometimes those people act like assholes and sometimes your hormones can get the best of you. Perfect vacations do not exist for anyone. Despite those adorable pictures posted on Facebook. When I was single traveling to NYC, I wanted someone to share it with; when I traveled there pregnant with my partner, I wanted a shot of tequila. And when I go there with my daughter, I will most likely want to throw her over the Brooklyn Bridge. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am the adult and set the tone for what kind of traveling experiences my family has.


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