Moving Motherhood

About This Girl

Nothing will make a woman more acutely aware of her freedom than becoming a mother. It starts from the moment of conception (or not). Disclaimer: This website is not designed to tell any woman how to live her life. My pregnancy was unplanned, underprepared and filled with people who gave me unsolicited advice. Like, I really care if you drink coffee…..These days, I define myself as a stay-at-home mother, blogger and traveler. Being a parent gives a whole new meaning to “propose”. In another life outside of Austria where currently reside; I am a license massage therapist in the state of Colorado. I studied/worked in the healing arts of Thai massage. It is hard to describe myself in a short biography without feeling fake. This autobiography is not filled with boring details about past education, accomplishments and careers. None of it would make me a credible source on motherhood 🙂 


This is me now; figuring it out along the way and being honest about my experiences. I met my husband in Alaska after a failed summer job, he followed me back to Colorado and then we proceeded to conceive a child all within a month. I use to judge my life on past situations that would develop “moral code” that suited me in the present; instead of looking at current actions and how it would create the future. Who really cares about philosophy if it is not put into action? After spending the better part of my twenties traveling broke and alone; I now realize it was hard work to become this woman. The failures faced in the past created me and so called “accomplishments” were not so defining. At best, it was all used to stroke my ego. What really matters is the impact one person has on another. By tapping into the source of positive energy in world, one can transform from ordinary to extraordinary. This energy allowed me fall in love with the man I married, gave me strength to enter motherhood happily and migrate to another country without allowing fear to cloud my judgement.


An unexpected pregnancy changed my whole life in such a short time that I felt compelled to reach out to others. Isolated from my old life; that “before” and “after” is a life experience that only motherhood can bring has its growing pains. It has also been the best unexpected adventure of my whole life. As I start this transition into a new phase of my life; this blog will explore travel, motherhood and my migration process to Austria. I want to help others on there journey and make connections with other women. Finding what is truly important; that is people. Time is a valuable commodity, specifically when one becomes a parent. My hopes is that documented experiences will help others save time, money and effort that can be put towards family. While I may not be credible source on motherhood, I would like to be an honest one by  encouraging women to live an authentic life. That you find your happiness from within and allow for that love to be shared with others.